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You might be referred to a mental health counsellor for a wide variety of reasons, and the work done in counselling offices often involves separating out our thoughts, feelings, and actions so that we might ask questions about how we can either look differently at our thoughts, manage our emotions with new skills, or respond in new ways to challenging situations.

This brief worksheet helps clarify some of the ways that our thoughts, feelings, and actions play out in the context of whatever issue you face.  (Click the link below to view the worksheet.)

Of course, there's a whole second part to this question: namely, what you would like to see go right!  If we are learning how to respond differently to these difficult thoughts, feelings, and situations, we need to know what matters - your values, or those qualities that you would like to see more of for yourself or in your environment.  

This brief worksheet may help clarify those values, and start to give us a "roadmap" so that we know what direction we're headed.  (Click the link below to view the worksheet.)

Ryan Janssen is a registered psychotherapist with the College of Psychotherapists of Ontario and Audrey Aguanno is a registered social worker with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers.  Both  have a wide range of professional background and training and are always eager to talk about what counselling entails.  Please speak to your physician if you are experiencing any issue pertaining to mental health and would like to speak to a mental health counsellor.

Other Mental Health Forms (Use as Directed by Your Provider):