Core Care Family Health Team

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Dr. Brenda Copps

Dear Patients,

I have had the honour of being elected president of the "CPSO" for 2020.  This is the medical organization that oversees physicians and ensures that we hold ourselves to a high standard.  I enjoy this work and I like to think that it makes me a better doctor but it will take me away from the office for meeting in Toronto once a week.  

To offset this I have arranged for Dr. Christine Glenny to see my patients here at the office on Tuesdays.  You may be asked to book with her when you call for an appointment.  She is the newest addition to our team of doctors and is starting a practice here.

All of the Core Care team is supportive of my involvement in this work and will be continuing their usual availability.

The goal of all your providers is to be regular in communication so that the continuity of your care is maintained.

Thank you for your trust and flexibility,

Dr. Brenda Copps.