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Blood Pressure

Welcome!  You've been directed to this page because your doctor wants you to check your blood pressure from home.  (Relax!  Don't worry, this is super easy and we'll walk you through it!)

First, you're going to need a blood pressure machine.  Have you got one?  Great!  You can skip this next part.  Don't have one?  No problem!  There are a few options.

1. You may be able to get your blood pressure checked at your pharmacy.  Many pharmacies have blood pressure machines you can use for free.  Check with your pharmacist.  (Tip: Remember to write down your blood pressure numbers)

2. If you have a friend or family with a blood pressure machine, they might let you borrow this to take a few readings.

3. If you want your own machine, you can ask your pharmacist to help you select one.  You can usually find options between $40-$60.  We recommend blood pressure devices that have the Hypertension Canada seal of approval.  It looks like the pictures below.  Clicking on these pictures will show you a list of blood pressure devices.

Okay, so you've got a blood pressure machine!  What's next?  Your doctor would like you to get 3 blood pressure readiings.  Do you know how to take your blood pressure?  (Hint: not everyone does it correctly.)  Take a look at the video below:

After you've collected your readings, come on back here and enter them in the form below.  Need somewhere to write them down?  Sure!  Click here for your very own blood pressure log sheet.  

For some resources on managing your blood pressure, click here.  When you've collected at least 3 blood pressure readings, come back to this page and enter your readings below.  Please submit your blood pressure readings within 3 weeks.

Ready to enter your readings?  Alright!  Choose an option below to enter your blood pressure readings right here on our site, or send us an email of your blood pressure readings.  Great work!

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Thank you for being a part of our blood pressure pilot.  We want your feedback!  Would you be willing to say a few words about how you found this experience?  Any feedback (positive or constructive) is helpful for us and you can enter the information below anonymously if you choose.  Thanks!

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